Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~~Purple Preconceptions~~

Just a brief early morning post before I get to doing things I don't really wanna do but OH WELL~

So yeah, purple, it's a color. If you're reading this, chances are you're noticing QUITE alot of it currently. It is quite plainly my favorite color, and as such, is the color of everything here, background, foreground, text, even my avatar there is pretty much just purple with some green and skin. ((Sadly not a good representation of me, I don't have purple hair. ......Yet.))

Now, just to explain why I have a lot of purple, and moreso why I'm even talking about it, let's go to the color scheme of life. Look around you. No, feel free to, stop after this sentence and look around your room, out the window, where ever, just take a look.

.....Finished? Okay good.

Now then, How much purple did you see?

Unless you have walls painted purple (And if you do you are officially AWESOME~) or have a large collection of grapes and regal curtains, chances are there's very little purple around. Purple as a color I feel represent's both royalty, and rarity. It's that kind of color that few can use appropriately, or even well, and I can never understand why.

Purple is just this color that seems so very... strange, and I feel it represents me well, seeing as I am a tad strange, and just a bit regal in my speech.
-Please note LORD Nathaniel is in no way royalty and does not think quite THAT highly of himself.-

In any case, thinking about clothing and colors earlier is what got me to this point- What colors do you think represent you, and do you wear them?

I don't have any actual purple clothes, sadly, but if I did I would wear the F*** out of them, you can believe that~<3

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  1. Heehee~ Naw, Nat. You're royalty. Maybe not by literal title but you are. You're sort of "Natural Nobility", like how people described Princess Diana (may she rest in peace.) It doesn't matter the occasion, rhyme, nor reason, you're always filled with kindness and grace, and I think more people could learn from that.

    Also, as for the colours in my life? I've always been a blue person, ever since I was a little girl. (And boy. Did it get ridiculous. ANYTHING at all, if I had a choice, I'd choose the blue one.) Don't usually wear as much of it, seeing as the colour doesn't look too great on me, I usually just wear white for simplicity's sake. (And to make people wonder if I'm some secret saint or something. XD Joking! Joking!)

    All the same, awesome post as ever, Nat~ ^^; I'll be waaaatching yooouuu~ ^_~