Friday, September 10, 2010

What I'm not and unnecessary life questions.

Now while I know the title sounds like I'm about to put up some bad emo poetry or whatever, I shall inform you no such depressive moans shall come from me, and if they ever do, I assure you they will be well written and not pointless~

Now then, What I'm I talking about? Well, mostly a trend I've noticed myself doing, and not sure when it started. I shall give you the most simple explanation I can give;
Friend: Hi Nat, how are you doing?
Me: Eh, not bad.

Did you catch that? I'll give another example, just for closure;
Friend: Are you sure it's around here, where is this place?
Me: Oh, it's not far.

Well first of all, you can gather I don't tend to say much myself, and second, and this is the primary point here, why do I constantly tell people how I am NOT feeling? I can't think of a time where I've responded in a direct or positive way. I can't think of a reason for this in all honesty, I'm certainly not a negative person, though perhaps my reasoning is just that, I am a very positive and optimistic person, so perhaps I answer in this way as a means of assuring others that I am indeed not negative. I am "Not bad", and the like.

And relate to this, mildly, is the fact that I've found I ask questions that don't really need to be asked. It's hard to explain properly in text, but I'll still try. The best example I can give is what I find I say when I am impressed by something;

"Aw man, How good is THAT!?"

You may infer to what I mean by know.
And in all fairness, the only reason I can think of for this is, well, because I'm Australian. =3

And with that, I leave you with my last thought, presented in comedy form. -obviously not by me.-

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~~Purple Preconceptions~~

Just a brief early morning post before I get to doing things I don't really wanna do but OH WELL~

So yeah, purple, it's a color. If you're reading this, chances are you're noticing QUITE alot of it currently. It is quite plainly my favorite color, and as such, is the color of everything here, background, foreground, text, even my avatar there is pretty much just purple with some green and skin. ((Sadly not a good representation of me, I don't have purple hair. ......Yet.))

Now, just to explain why I have a lot of purple, and moreso why I'm even talking about it, let's go to the color scheme of life. Look around you. No, feel free to, stop after this sentence and look around your room, out the window, where ever, just take a look.

.....Finished? Okay good.

Now then, How much purple did you see?

Unless you have walls painted purple (And if you do you are officially AWESOME~) or have a large collection of grapes and regal curtains, chances are there's very little purple around. Purple as a color I feel represent's both royalty, and rarity. It's that kind of color that few can use appropriately, or even well, and I can never understand why.

Purple is just this color that seems so very... strange, and I feel it represents me well, seeing as I am a tad strange, and just a bit regal in my speech.
-Please note LORD Nathaniel is in no way royalty and does not think quite THAT highly of himself.-

In any case, thinking about clothing and colors earlier is what got me to this point- What colors do you think represent you, and do you wear them?

I don't have any actual purple clothes, sadly, but if I did I would wear the F*** out of them, you can believe that~<3

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Delays and Angst~


....Okay that's an outright lie, I am lazy and as such, forget to do things, or remember to do things and put them off for ages.

Probably should have just called this "Massive Procrastination".......Yeah I don't try to be funny much.

Ahh well, onto relevancy, or lack thereof.

I was discussing with my dear friend Harra earlier today about a character she was reading about which made her eyes roll in the manner of one who has just been told a sob story by a rich homeless man, and since my opinion is apparently worth something, (Supposedly, I still sincerely doubt this, but hey, you make enough characters as I have you sort of notice these things,) so while she was describing this characters incredibly angsty turn from a fairly normal character (well, normal as characters tend to get nowadays n_n;), I couldn't help but consider angst as a character and plot device, and how it's overused and abused.

First of all, I happen to quite like angst, when it's used well and appropriately, but much of the time it's generally rather... self indulgent to say the least, so for these purposes, I present to you My Rules for Creating, Playing and Interacting with Angsty Characters.

1-Have a history for it: Simply, Don't have then gripe and moan about every little thing, just for the sake of it, Your Character needs an adequate reason to be angry and upset, so make sure they do.
2-Keep it simple: Now if you've ever been sad, you know it doesn't need to be a big deal to start with, and with your character, don't give them an overly dramatic past just for the sake of angst. If it's an incredibly important part of their history, then good, that's fine, but don't throw something in out of nowhere just for Bawws and Sympathy.
3-Make it Plot Relevant: Don't bring up your characters history just for the hell of it, make sure it's appropriate to the currant storyline, and otherwise, just make it subtle.

1-Don't be an attention whore: Simple enough, Angst for effect, not for attention, understood?
2-Remain Impersonal: Don't use your character as a complete Author Insert, I hate to tell you, but no-one cares if YOU get dumped, or if YOU had a bad day or whatever, it's your characters story, NOT YOURS~
3-Don't be a dick: Again understandable enough, simply don't be a complete ass while your character is down, don't push people away or lash out at them for "NOT UNDERSTANDING HOW I FEEEEL!!!11!1" etc, etc, there is no faster way to become disliked.

1-Accept, Help, or Ignore: Now this is the first rule that has multiple incarnations, If someone is angsting in an RP with you, first of all, Try to accept that matter and roll with it, secondly, offer them, or even their RolePlayer some assistance if the need seems strong enough, and lastly, if they start to troll with their overdramatic angst, then simply ignore them, easy as that.
2-Never Angst Back: This is something I cannot stress enough, I've seen more than enough Angst wars, one person starts to whine, so starts another, they whine and Bawww at one another, and the whole narrative grinds to a screeching Halt. Sure you MAY be more Angsty and in need of help than that other character, but if you respond in kind, it's more likely they'll just complain back to you.

Now again, these are MY rules to the situations, and should be taken as a guideline, I trust that you, the reader, will have enough sense to make your own decisions.
Of course I'm probably wrong and overselling peoples common sense.

Good luck, Good Games, Good Stories to you all.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Irrelevancy active.

Right, this should be a curious attempt.
Now then, let us see here, Greetings to you all, this will amount to my... third blog attempt I do believe? In any case, they only lasted as long as my attention did, and as such, fell into the back of my memory.
With any luck, this one will not suffer the same fate, and as long as I am pestered enough to update daily or bi-daily, or etc etc, I shall.

This shall suffice as an Introductory post, so with that, I bid you adieu for now~